Phil Martin & Ton van der Kolk


Welcome to the captivating world of Social Beats & Sheephead Records!

Let us take you back to the unforgettable summer of 2003 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Picture three music enthusiasts who dared to chase their dreams by embarking on an extraordinary journey of creating their very own record label. What set them apart was their diverse musical backgrounds, each having played in various bands. As their passion for electronic music grew, they formed Social Beats, a label dedicated to delivering top-notch dance tunes to the refined dancefloors.

Are you ready for a sonic adventure?

Brace yourself for a delightful blend of electronic funk, nu-jazz, soul, electro, and afrobeat. Social Beats has mastered the art of curating an eclectic mix, ensuring maximum impact on the dance floor. Imagine a peculiar cocktail that combines the grooviness of nu-jazz, the infectious energy of electronic funk, and the pulsating rhythms of afrobeat.

At the heart of Social Beats lies its founder, Phil Martin. He has assembled a talented group of live musicians who contribute their magic to multiple Social Beats releases, resulting in a signature sound that is both captivating and original. Over time, Social Beats has garnered a well-deserved reputation, catching the attention of renowned DJs from around the globe.

But that’s not all! Let us introduce you to Music & More, an esteemed bookings agency masterminded by the visionary Ton van der Kolk. Starting out in 1997 as a small agency for Phil and himself, Music & More has since evolved into an influential player within the Dutch Jazz, Soul, and Funk scene. The artists represented by Music & More are a testament to their commitment to excellence, as evidenced by their electrifying performances across the world.

Sheephead Records

Now, let’s turn our attention to Sheephead Records, the brainchild of Social Beats Records. Founded in 2020, this subsidiary label hails from the vibrant city of Dordrecht, The Netherlands. The locals of Dordrecht, often lovingly referred to as “Sheephead,” have inspired the essence of Sheephead Records. This label is a haven for captivating “rootsy” and alternative music crafted by talented artists from Dordrecht.


In an exciting turn of events, Ton van der Kolk and Phil Martin have joined forces to lead Social Beats Records. They have even opened their very own webshop right here on our website. You can now immerse yourself in the incredible world of Social Beats and Sheephead Records by exploring our extensive collection of music. From the remarkable productions by Social Beats, Unique Records and Sheephead Records to other sensational works by Ton and Phil, our webshop is your direct source to own these treasures. Get ready to embark on a delightful shopping experience!

We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and discover the joy of incredible music through our carefully curated selection.


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