EP – Demo 2


ZsaBep is a group out of nowhere that makes an eclectic fusion of pop songs mixed with twangy guitars, cool samples and funky beats. The group was formed in 1999 as a studio project involving Ron Smith on vocals and guitars, Ton van der Kolk on bass and Timothy van der Holst on drums and samples.

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ZsaBep wants to make music that doesn’t stop at a traditional song. They dive headfirst into crazy sounds and grooves together with lots of bleeps, bloops, rattles, snaps en outrages noises. Although their sound is exemplified by the liberal use of loops and programming, ZsaBep is not an electronic band! The traditional lined-up pop group – using ordinary guitars, bass and drums – is harnessing today’s technology only to sharpen their attack.

The songs on this cd are varied and multi-layered so that each listen offers new perspectives. When was the last time you allowed yourself to get lost in a whole new world of songs and sounds? ZsaBep offers you this possibility. Please don’t let it go by…….

This album is only available digitally and sold via bandcamp. Just click the player below and buy whatever track you like.