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This is the second album from this great Dutch group and on the ever-consistent label ‘Social Beats’ (also Dutch), who, currently, can do no wrong.


Let’s make no bones about it, this album is aimed straight at the dancefloor and hit’s the bullseye. Dj’s with no patience will get frustrated because there are so many tracks one could play (Day By Day; Perugia; Max Roach; Broad Minds and the funky ‘What The Bleep’) but it’s also varied enough, tempo and style-wise, to suit the home-listener too. Do enjoy Blow!, the second album by The Jazzinvaders.


1 The Sun In Motion 5:24
2 Day By Day 4:31
3 Perugia 5:22
4 Max Roach 4:44
5 Art Mbekie 4:54
6 Broad Minds 3:58
7 Blow! 4:43
8 Cancão Pequena 4:59
9 Waltz Of Glory 3:45
10 Back To Edirne 5:22
11 What The Bleep

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