This is ‘Pictures’, the first single from the album ‘BodyQuake’. Your Picture will be different to the next person’s Picture. The beat is strict and tight, the groove is undeniable. Together they frame what you see in this song. Pictures will place the listener inside a story of love, risks, challenges, opportunities and adventure with an unforgettable sound track. Laura starts the groove with a low, almost sinister scat and finishes in a plea for forgiveness.


With a brand new video crammed with lyrics accompanying this fabulous new release, you can have fun making the song your own as you sing along with Laura Vane and The Vipertones on their channel on YouTube. You will be able to download ‘Pictures’ as of 28th February 2014 and the full album (later in April) from iTunes, but also don’t be shy and get along to a gig where you can get your hands on signed copies with a message from Laura and the guys. This being the first offering from the album, ‘Pictures’ is bound to take you by surprise and sure to get you hooked!