The Future Was Disappointing


Cork based musician and composer Zachary Crawford’s music is deliberately retro, with a smooth, West Coast, seventies feel. Lush synths, introspective yet immersive lyrics, dynamic backbone pulse, tight backing vocals and textured guitar waves, all recorded with a mix of analogue instruments and modern recording techniques. 

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Encouraged by the success and reception of Hello Stranger, Zachary’s debut, this follow up is braver, more dynamic and much more fun. It was recorded with a tight band of sensational Dutch session musicians over the course of just one week, a throwback to a golden age of production. It maintains the smooth, laid back feel of his previous work but turns up the tempo and funk dials.

From the cosmic, disco groove of ‘Overthink It’ to the jazz infused “Never The Right Time’ via funk, bossa, heartbreaking ballads and seventies soft rock, this album is both varied and thematic, loaded with imagery of space, the universe and nostalgia. ‘Still Have To Go’ evokes 1979 era Crusaders while ‘Falling, Not Flying’ could be an outtake from Paul Simon’s One Trick Pony album.

Recording this album as a band, together in one room for 5 long days, created a certain tightness that is very evident upon listening. The songs are structurally complex but the seasoned musicians ease through them, adding their own personality and flair. Overall, ‘The Future Was Disappointing’ represents a big jump in quality, both in musicianship and songwriting.


  • Zachary Crawford – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
  • Phil Martin – Drums, Percussion, Synths, Piano
  • Edwin in ‘t Veld – Guitar
  • Ton van der Kolk – Bass
  • Ger den Haan – Keyboards, Hammond, Piano
  • Margriet Groenhof – Backing Vocals
  • Yo Klab – Backing Vocals
  • Maarten Teekens – Backing Vocals
  • Cees Trappenburg – Flugelhorn
  • Phil Martin (Producer)
  • Edwin in ‘t Veld (Mastering)
  • Zachary Crawford (Composer)
  • Zachary Crawford (Lyricist)

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