Going Further ft Jared Grant


The Soul Snatchers started in 2019 working with several guest vocalists and musicians. This now results in a first digital single release with upcoming Dutch singer Jared Grant.


You might have seen Jared before when he took part in The Voice series on television. Also he’s now the singer of the Dutch Soul / Rock outfit: Sven Hammond. Apart from that, Jared is currently very busy with his own music and band. Luckily for The Soul Snatchers, he enjoyed working together on this track that will take you back to the days of seventies funk and soul: big hairdos, uptempo beats, driving’ percussion and real fuzz guitar still being appreciated a lot! Witness The Soul Snatchers ‘Going Further’ and joy them on their ride!

Tracklist Digital Release:

  1. Going Further ft Jared Grant
  2. Going Further – Instrumental