Taruko – Vinyl Album


Trio Koko is a Dutch band from Dordrecht consisting of guitarist Ron ‘Parelvet’ Smith, Timothy van der Holst on drums and percussion and Ton van der Kolk on bass and keys and what not.


Most Trio Koko songs are self-written containing lots of style quotes from the wonderful world of library music, exotica and surf-cocktail. Three years after the release of “This is Koko”, little was heard of the band, due to successes of other music projects like Phil Martin’s Mystical Funk and The Soul Snatchers in which all three Kokomen also participated. Trio Koko only occasionally performed over the past years but now … there’s Trio Koko’s Taruko!

In 2021, however, the band is back on track! Lots of unfinished song material needed to be worked out and recorded. It took a Covid lockdown in March 2020 to do so. And a damn good job they did!

After releasing several digital singles and the albums “Taruko I” (2021) and “Taruko II” (2023) it’s now time for the final part of this trilogy: “Taruko” is here on vinyl! It has become a varied instrumental album that wouldn’t look out of place in, let’s say, a new Tarantino movie. Ton van der Kolk and Ron Smith wrote the tracks. Van der Kolk produced the album and mixed it with Edwin in ’t Veld, also from Dordrecht. Edwin took care of mastering the album as well. Guest musicians and fellow townsmen on some tracks are Maarten Teekens on background vocals and Govert van der Kolm on Hammond organ. Rightfully, Taruko is a product of Dordrecht!

Keywords: Surf, Western, Moricone, Sixties, Italian seventies B-movies, Exotica, Tiki and Space.

Trio Koko are Go!

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