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Dutch producer Bas Voorn (aka Solo Moderna) makes it all sound so easy. Listening to Boogalookalikes is like leaning back and letting it all happen. But don’t be fooled by this cut-and-paste artist with a twist. Before you know it, you will be sucked into his ever expanding sound universe. The hypnotic and futuristic lo-fi nostalgia sounds on Boogalookalikes are fueled with contemporary jazz, tango & bossa influences, all of them branded with the typical Solo Moderna-style. A big warm sound that digs deep into the roots of afro, funk and break beat.

CD Tracklist:

  1. Crazy Beat
  2. Bop The Ragtop
  3. The Ride
  4. Cha Cha Morali
  5. Rare Features Rare Creatures
  6. Sounds Arabic
  7. Kokujazz
  8. Gagstream Comics
  9. Oompah Improvisations
  10. Plastic Noir Themes
  11. Bombay Boogie

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