Socialized Jazz Beats – Volume 2


Second edition of “Socialized Jazz Beats” – the successful compilation from the Dutch label Social Beats


To get a strong idea of what is taking place on the European Nu-jazz dance floors at the moment the second edition of ‘Socialized JazzBeats’, the successful compilation from the Dutch label Social Beats, would be a great example. With tracks & remixes by artists including DieslerThe JazzinvadersIdea6Solo ModernaThe HoudiniMonsieur Dubois and DJ Maestro, ‘Socialized Jazz Beats 2’, compiled by Phil Martin, also highlights how Social Beats interoperates jazz; Modern, danceable electronica production combined with traditional jazz instruments. This is indeed new jazz!! Tracklisting

  1. Praful – Corpo Suado (Phil Martin Remix)
  2. Diesler feat. Laura Vane – Revelations (Draaikolk feat. The Jazzinvaders Remix)
  3. The Houdini’s – My Lost Hands Crumbles (Eddie Roberts Remix)
  4. Frank Montis – Illusions
  5. The Beets Brothers – Reunion Blues (Phil Martin Remix)
  6. Monsieur Dubois – Spy’s Methaphor (Phil Martin Remix)
  7. DJ Maestro & Sven Figee – Damn That Beat (Phil Martin Remix)
  8. The Houdini’s – No More Yesterdays (Gianni de Luca Remix)
  9. Jaffa – An Echo Remains
  10. Solo Moderna – Bop The Ragtop
  11. The Jazzinvaders – Day By Day
  12. Idea6 – New Born (The Jazzinvaders Remix)
  13. The Houdini’s – Catch 22 Hot (The Jazzinvaders Remix)
  14. The Jazzinvaders – Perugia

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