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Martin & Garp, a Quest for Sunny Optimism

Martin & Garp

In the realm of music, certain artists have the power to transport us to a different time and place, evoking a sense of nostalgia and joy. Dutch musician and producer Phil Martin is one such artist, driven by his passion for the West Coast music scene and the distinctive sounds of the late 70s. With his latest project, Martin & Garp, he embarks on a quest for sunny optimism, channeling the spirit of iconic acts like Steely Dan, Hall & Oates, The Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, and The Eagles.

Phil Martin: A Musician’s Journey

Phil Martin’s musical journey is rooted in his upbringing and the music that shaped him. Growing up, he immersed himself in the soulful and jazz-infused tunes of Steely Dan, Hall & Oates, The Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, and The Eagles. These legendary artists became the soundtrack of his formative years, leaving an indelible mark on his musical style and aspirations.

The Perfect Fit: Martin & Garp

Collaboration often leads to remarkable creations, and Phil Martin found the perfect vocal fit in Lo van Gorp, also known as Garp. Hailing from the Netherlands, Lo van Gorp is a renowned backing singer and saxophonist, lending his talents to esteemed artists such as Marco Borsato, Paul Carrack, Roger Hodgson, Chaka Khan, Trijntje Oosterhuis, and Al Jarreau. Together, Phil Martin and Lo van Gorp embarked on a journey to create their own West Coast-flavored pop album.

Yachtrock: Feel-Good Melodies

The sound of Martin & Garp can be best described as “yachtrock,” a genre characterized by its feel-good melodies and radio-friendly tunes. Their music pays homage to the romanticized California of the 70s, capturing the essence of an era that exuded optimism and charm. Within their songs, listeners will find catchy guitar and synth licks, luxurious harmonies, and groovy rhythms. The central theme of their music is the unifying effect it has in the quest for sunny optimism.

Sentimental Fools: The Debut Album

After releasing two captivating singles, “Making Up” and “Told You Straight,” at the end of 2020, Martin & Garp are now ready to unveil their debut album, titled “Sentimental Fools.” Scheduled for release on January 15th, 2021, this highly anticipated album will be available on major digital streaming platforms, as well as in compact disc and vinyl formats. “Sentimental Fools” promises a musical journey that transports listeners to a sun-soaked paradise, resonating with those who long for the carefree spirit of the 70s.

Légère Recordings: A Home for Martin & Garp

Martin & Garp have found a home for their musical endeavors at Légère Recordings, based in Hamburg. This renowned record label boasts a roster of talented Westcoast-inspired artists, including the likes of Young Gun Silverfox, Mama’s Gun, and Joel Sarakula, among others. With their signing to Légère Recordings, Martin & Garp join a community of musicians who share their passion for the West Coast sound, ensuring their music reaches a broader audience.


The creation of Martin & Garp’s captivating music is a collaborative effort of immensely talented individuals. The credits for their debut album, “Sentimental Fools,” include:

  • Lo van Gorp (vocals)
  • Phil Martin (drums)
  • Edwin in ‘t Veld (guitars)
  • Ton van der Kolk (bass)
  • Govert van der Kolm (keys)
  • Joel Sarakula (keys)
  • Maarten Teekens (backing vocals)
  • Kees Elsman (mouth harp)

The album was recorded, mixed and produced by Phil Martin with mastering by Edwin in ‘t Veld.

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Rheintraum debut album coming up

Social Beats is planning on releasing several new albums, singles and EP’s this year. First up is the digital release of Rheintraum’s self titled debut album out on April 3rd 2020. Social Beats label boss Phil Martin is a busy man but managed to complete a brand new album by a brand new group called Rheintraum.


Rheintraum, the band: two Dutch funk musicians who discovered a shared obsession with the experimental German underground rock and proto-techno of the 70s. Phil Martin on ‘motorik’ drums, keyboards, bass and percussion. Tim den Heijer on guitars. No script, no rules, no pre-made compositions: just spontaneous playing and rigorous editing.
Rheintraum, the album: 13 instrumental tracks. Inspired by NEU!, Harmonia, Can, Cluster and early ‪Kraftwerk‬, with shades of Bowie & Eno in Berlin. From the ‘immer gerade aus’ drive of opener BAB57 to the peaceful, yet uneasy piano and feedback closer Zeitraum, the album wears its influences on its sleeve. Yet mixes these up in often unexpected ways. 
Rheintraum, the elevator pitch: this album has much to offer to fans of the genre formally (and to some, problematically) known as Krautrock. But fans of Bowie, Eno or ‪Radiohead‬ will also surely recognize and enjoy the influences and sounds on this album. File under: instrumental music for driving through imaginary landscapes.

On april 3rd 2020, the album will be available on all digital platforms and this website. Till then the following Youtube playlist will be your best friend giving you a sneak peak 😉

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Phil Martin: Socialized Jazz Beats Vol 2

Press Release :
To get a strong idea of what is taking place on the European Nu-jazz dance floors at the moment the second edition of ‘Socialized JazzBeats’, the successful compilation from the Dutch label Social Beats, would be a great example. With tracks & remixes by artists including Diesler, The Jazzinvaders, Idea6, Solo Moderna, The Houdini, Monsieur Dubois and DJ Maestro, ‘Socialized JazzBeats 2’, compiled by Phil Martin, also highlights how Social Beats interoperates jazz; Modern, danceable electronica production combined with traditional jazz instruments. This is indeed new jazz!!

Track-by-track commentary :

1. Praful – Corpo Suado (Phil Martin remix)
This track was on the album One Day Deep by the Dutch / German saxophone player Praful. He had a big success in the US with this record. I love the vocals on this track that were done (of de vocal part is done) by Lilian Vieira of the group Zuco 103. Samba meets the jazz sound of The Jazzinvaders. Great piano playing by Erwin Hoorweg (The Jazzinvaders) on this remix.

2. Diesler – Revelations (Draaikolk ft. Jazzinvaders remix)
This remix is done by Ton van der Kolk alias Draaikolk. Bassplayer of the Soul Snatchers and my musical partner in lots of other productions. After he came up with the groove and bass line, we asked the Jazzinvaders to fill in all the instruments. It’s one of my favourite remixes we done so far, also available on 7″ on freestyle records. We are crazy about the voice of Laura Vane!

3. The Houdini’s – My Lost Hands Crumbles (Eddie Roberts remix)
In 2007 I produced an album with the Houdini’s called Unleashed and Remixed. One of my favourite jazz groups in Holland. I asked my favourite producers / musicians to fool around with the Houdini’s music. This is the track that guitar player Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds came up with. So funky and groovy and what a great guitar solo!

4. Frank Montis – Illusions
Frank has been a friend of mine for some years now. Besides being a great organ player in The Soul Snatchers, Frank has got his own jazzy pop style when playing his own music. Right now I am producing his debut album. We’re definitely going to hear more from him!

5. The Beets Brothers – Reunion Blues (Phil Martin remix)
Marius Beets – one of the well-known Beets Brothers – gave me the tracks of this song that they had just recorded. He asked me to do something with this tune. Well, I just gave it the right groove and the right sound, so let’s boogaloo!

6. Monsieur Dubois – Spy’s Methaphor (Phil Martin remix)
I did this remix two years ago but they couldn’t release the track, so we thought we could better do it ourselves! Monsieur Dubios released two great Nu-Jazz albums, this track was taken from their first album ‘Ruff’. Their style is described as danceable hard jazz. Please check out this great Dutch Nu-Jazz Movement!

7. DJ Maestro and Sven Vigee – Damn that Beat (Phil Martin remix)
DJ Maestro is well known for his Blue Note compilations but he has also produced some music. This is one of my favourite tracks with Tineke Postma on saxophone and Peter Beets (The Beets Brothers) on the piano.

8. The Houdini’s – No More Yesterdays
Not too many people have heard about Gianni de Luca but after this remix that might change! Once again he delivered a very nice remix of a song that was already very danceable. The track was originally for the Houdini’s Remixed album but it deserves more attention. A drivin’ beat, great guitar playing by Eelco van de Meeberg and some superb saxophone playing by Rolf Delfos! A killer track.

9. Jaffa – An Echo Remains
Jaffa is a new project I started with the Dutch vocalist Christel Meijer. I love her voice and she’s full of great ideas for songs. We’re aiming to get a complete album together next year. On this track trumpet player Jan van Duikeren, of the Jazzinvaders, is playing along.

10. Solo Moderna – Bop the Ragtop
A jazzy tune taken from Solo’s debut album Boogalookalikes on SocialBeats. Solo has got some good dancefloor stuff and there’s always a strange twist and funny vibe to his songs. This one got a good jazz flavour.

11. The Jazzinvaders – Day by Day
It’s one of the popular songs on The Jazzinvaders second album ‘Blow!’ Just a good jazzy bossa track with vocals by Frank Montis.

12. Idea6 – New Born
Paolo Scotti asked me to do a remix on this one. He just delivered ‘Metropoli’, a great album by the Italian group Idea6. I liked the tune already, so I only changed the groove and added some new piano parts by Erwin Hoorweg and some saxophone by Tom Beek, both Jazzinvaders members.

13. The Houdini’s – Catch 22 Hot (The Jazzinvaders remix)
It’s the mighty Houdini’s again. As a remixer you just can’t go wrong on this stuff. What a pleasure it is to work with such great tracks. Having that kind of material, it’s inevitable: a steaming beat and some hardbop licks: jazzy satisfaction on the dance floor!

14. The Jazzinvaders – Perugia (Diesler Remix)
I’ve been in contact with Jonathan (Diesler) for several years now. Over time we did quite a few remixes for each other. It’s always nice to work with this talent. Once again he added his trademark: getting tunes into a tempting dancefloor vibe. You just can’t sit down on this one!