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Rheintraum debut album coming up

Social Beats is planning on releasing several new albums, singles and EP’s this year. First up is the digital release of Rheintraum’s self titled debut album out on April 3rd 2020. Social Beats label boss Phil Martin is a busy man but managed to complete a brand new album by a brand new group called Rheintraum.


Rheintraum, the band: two Dutch funk musicians who discovered a shared obsession with the experimental German underground rock and proto-techno of the 70s. Phil Martin on ‘motorik’ drums, keyboards, bass and percussion. Tim den Heijer on guitars. No script, no rules, no pre-made compositions: just spontaneous playing and rigorous editing.
Rheintraum, the album: 13 instrumental tracks. Inspired by NEU!, Harmonia, Can, Cluster and early ‪Kraftwerk‬, with shades of Bowie & Eno in Berlin. From the ‘immer gerade aus’ drive of opener BAB57 to the peaceful, yet uneasy piano and feedback closer Zeitraum, the album wears its influences on its sleeve. Yet mixes these up in often unexpected ways. 
Rheintraum, the elevator pitch: this album has much to offer to fans of the genre formally (and to some, problematically) known as Krautrock. But fans of Bowie, Eno or ‪Radiohead‬ will also surely recognize and enjoy the influences and sounds on this album. File under: instrumental music for driving through imaginary landscapes.

On april 3rd 2020, the album will be available on all digital platforms and this website. Till then the following Youtube playlist will be your best friend giving you a sneak peak 😉

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From the vaults: ZsaBep

ZsaBepWhen diggin’ the vaults we stumbled upon recordings of one of our earlier projects called ‘ZsaBep’. The group (well more studio project to be honest) was formed in 1999 and produced two EP’s. One was used as a demo but ‘officially’ released. The other one was never presented to the outside world… till now. So we added these recordings to the shop. If you like electronic sample pop music you should definitely check out this group with is still sounding fresh today. Since there aren’t any hardcopies left, the tracks are only available as digital download via the Bandcamp player. Phil Martin was responsible for the recordings, drums, samples and production. Ton van der Kolk took care of the bass parts and Ron Smith played guitar and sang.

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Laura Vane & The Vipertones – BodyQuake

BodyQuake album - Laura Vane & The VipertonesCan you feel it? There’s a rumble in your ears, a tremble in your knees… the world as you’ve known it is about to split, swallow you up whole and spit you out! Then, and only then you will know you’ve heard ‘BodyQuake’ the long awaited and eagerly anticipated third album from Laura Vane and The Vipertones! Continue reading Laura Vane & The Vipertones – BodyQuake